Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quinn Sisters

Brianna and I have collaborated on a series of photo shoots. We started working together as a way to each gain experience at our interests: modeling, for Brianna, and photography, for me. Brianna had many ideas for settings and wardrobes for photo shoots; and with me as her photographer, she had the freedom to call her own shots (no pun intended).

With Brianna as a free and willing model, I was able to experiment with different photographic styles and get practice going out and setting up shoots in a variety of locations, including a stretch of train tracks and an indoor studio.

Each of our shoots had a theme: 1) Pretty tomboy and Pretty nerd, 2) Electric guitar rocker, 3) Punk in a pink dress, 4) Train tracks glamour, 5) Hippy and Country girl, and 6) Mysterious indie singer in a white dress...(see this post for a video of our most current shoot as of 11/8/11)...

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